Saturday, 21 July 2012

Laura Palmer. My fictional muse and fucked up friend. I have a very strange and deep connection with a lot of fiction and Laura is no exception. However she is an unusual choice for me. Of course I was initially drawn to her fabulous minimal, nineties, sexy and at times androgynous style and Sheryl Lee’s fabulously carved face. Her eyes are something that strikes me in particular, her transformable and dead eyes. Sheryl Lee, as an actor and woman is somebody who I admire and love. She is not only extremely talented, transformable and beautiful but so perfectly Laura Palmer. This was made late at night when I was feeling particularly dreamy. Essentially this is an experiment for what I would like to be able to make into a film. I am trying to channel the echoing sounds and fading dreamlike quality of David Lynch’s works. Perhaps I will post a film soon.

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