Friday, 20 July 2012

I love Lana Del Rey. There is something so interestingly broken and mystical about her aura. She exudes this sort of broken hearted tragedy that gives her such an interesting stage presence. Her style is very classic beauty queen but what I love about her is she also mixes, so intricately, the styles of Lolita, gangster and vintage so well. Her sounds are on another level. I certainly feel like her sound is unique to her and that her story and vision are purely her artistic qualities. She, for me brings something to modern music, (which I am rarely a fan of, I often prefer other genres or modern alternative music), that only the likes of Lady Gaga has, (but for me I won’t deny, Lady Gaga is beyond something Del Rey could ever reach in my heart and vision, Lady Gaga is more my eternal influence and pop opera alien god). Lana Del Rey is defiantly a talent. And it’s not often that a talent, in my opinion, emerges in this society. She is a very precious, glamorous exotic flower.

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