Thursday, 12 July 2012

 Inside me there is something
No one knows about
Like a secret
Sometimes it takes over
And I drift back
Deep into darkness.
This secret tells me
I will never grow older
Never laugh with friends
Never be who I should if I ever reveal
Its name.

I cannot tell if it is real
Or if I dream of it
For when it touches me
I drift off
No tears come
No screams
I am wrapped up
In a nightmare of hands
And of fingers
And of small tiny voices in the woods.
So wrong
So beautiful
So bad
So Laura.

    I have to go home. Now. It is too dark. This is not a nice place to me right now

That was an extract from The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer written by Jennifer Lynch, based on the hit series Twin Peaks. I think this is a very apt interpretation of how the woods can be. These images are stills from Twin Peaks and photographs of woods in Canada and Washington. I find any woods to be a very powerful and spiritual place. I think it’s because of the nature. I come from the city and we aren’t surrounded by very much nature and when you are inside the woods, you could be anywhere. You could be the only one left of the world. I find them to be a very frightening, beautiful and calming place.

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